Favourite places I ve been

Florence, Italy -- This city is a living museum!!  Every corner you take there is something new, a statue, painting or an incredible building.  Nothing beats seeing the David by Michelangelo, or the Botticelli's in the Uffizi gallery!!!


Chichen-Itza and Palenque, Mexico -- Some of the most stunning Mayan archealogical site that I have been to.  Chichen because I lived 5 mins away.  Palenque, all of it, the location, the temples, the rain forest and all the wild life that live on the site.

Stonehenge, UK -- As an Anthropologist, this is one of those places that you have to visit before moving on to the next plain.  My lovely wife took me there as a surprise for my birthday a few years ago.  We arrived in the early hours of the day, no coaches there at the time, it was foggy and magical. WOW!!

The happy couple!!
Maldives -- My wife and I had our honeymoon there.  Definitely one of the best places for honeymooners and snorkelling.

Our island!!

Malvern, UK -- The Malvern Hills in the UK have a magic about them.  We have a little caravan at the foot of the hills, which every weekend we have extra tasty BBQ's.  The hills are blessed with a large number of fresh water springs, of which, many contain water that is fit for a Queen.  According to some, this is where the Queen Mother used to get her drinking water from!!??!!  It is a home away from home, not too far and not too close, just the right distance from our flat.