Thursday, 18 November 2010

Getting ready to celebrate the Día de la Revolución!!

If you are taking a cruise that has a stop in Mexico on the 20th of November, you might want to participate on one of our many celebrations of the Mexican Revolution.
The Mexican Revolution is also commonly known as the “el veinte de noviembre,” which the literal translation is the “20th of November.”
It all started in 1910 by the people of Mexico together with Francisco I. Madero, which decided to revolt against the president of Mexico Porfirio Diaz, who was considered a dictator and had been in power for thirty one years.  Back then, the people of Mexico had no power to express their opinions, select their public officials and only a select few held the whole wealth and power of the country.  The injustice covered the entire land.

There were three very tough revolutionary groups throughout the Mexican Revolution that contributed to the rise and fall of many leaders. These were lead by Emiliano Zapata, Francisco "Pancho" Villa, and Pascual Orozco. Zapata was from the south and his troops covered that area while Villa and Orozco were from the north covering those areas
In Modern times, the day is celebrated with parades and civic ceremonies throughout the country. There is a huge parade in Mexico City's Zocalo, as well as speeches and official ceremonies. In cities and towns throughout Mexico schoolchildren dressed as revolutionaries participate in local parades.
So if you are in Mexico on the 20th of November, do not for get your BIG Mexican hat and join the celebrations.

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