Friday, 18 March 2011

Crystal Cruises go Spanish!!

There are over 417 million Spanish speakers world wide and Crystal Cruises are focusing on them!!  Crystal Cruises, which is a Luxury cruise line, have released a 211-page world Atlas that outlines their entire 2011 cruise itinerary in SPANISH!!!  But, will this affect the language barriers that already exist on board cruise ships?  Will it open doors for English speaking passengers to learn Spanish prior to boarding so they can communicate with fellow Spanish speaking passengers?

There are many positive reasons for Crystal Cruises releasing their “Spanish Atlas,” but are there any negative ones?  Even though within Spanish speaking countries there are potential clients that could afford going on a cruise, there is a great majority that cannot afford to pay for a Luxury Cruise or any cruise in that case!!! 

As a native Spanish speaker, born and raised in Mexico, which has a GREAT majority of low income families, I am having mixed feelings about this Spanish Atlas provided by Crystal Cruises.  As in a previous blog I did about a Mexican cruise line, Ocean Star Cruises, I would hope for all Mexicans and all Spanish speakers, to be able to take a cruise and enjoy all the fantastic things cruising has to offer, but when it comes to a luxury cruise, they might just be barking up the wrong tree as there is a really small percentage of potential clients that can actually afford a luxury cruise.  I don’t want to sound as a pessimist and hope that Crystal Cruises get hundreds of bookings from their Spanish Atlas, but personally, I remain weary, only time will tell.
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