Monday, 3 January 2011

Do you believe in Leprechauns’ or Goblins? What about an Alux? Part 2

The final challenge was to build a pyramid in one night.  The King gathered all of his men managed to build only five steps.  The Alux though, being all by himself sought out the help of his Mother, the witch.  The witch went into the forest, collected hundreds of turtle eggs and through magic, created hundreds of Alux.
The myth/legend mentions that in one night, all of the Alux built a beautiful pyramid, destroyed it, built it again, destroyed and finally re-built it one last time.  This pyramid still stands today!!!
The King became infuriated at his loss, so he decided to curse ALL of the Alux. He said, “You have won all of the challenges and you will be King of Uxmal, but only under these conditions:  You will be King, but ONLY during the night but during daytime, you will be turned to STONE, just like your statues!”

Throughout the entire Mayan world, anyone that visits the pyramids and museums will be able to find hundreds if not thousands of miniature statues of gnome like creatures.  The local people are quite scared of these miniature statues, some locals even go to the extreme of decapitating the heads off the statues so that the Alux cannot ham them during the night.

Like I mentioned before, nearly everyone I met in the Yucatan Peninsula have had some sort of encounter, experience or have had some sort of incident involving an Alux.

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