Monday, 18 October 2010

Disney Dream cruise ship will be a real DREAM EXPERIENCE!!!

When I was younger, many moons ago, our family used to go to Disneyland, California, nearly every summer.  We used to be the first to enter the park and the last to leave, which made it very convenient when trying to find our car at the end of the day as it was the only one there!!  We were always impressed with the level of service, the cleanliness and how impeccable the entire park was.
Now imagine going on a Disney Cruise?

Disney Dream Cruise Ship

If the standards that you receive in the park are beyond believe, I can only hope that the ship reflects the same level of service.
The Disney Dream cruise ship will be a 128,000-ton ship with 1,250-staterooms. 

“The Dream is so full of new, innovative features, and a handful are industry firsts,” said Tom Wolber, chief operating officer and senior vice president of Disney Cruise Line.

I always remember being amazed in the Haunted House in Disneyland with the paintings that followed you with their eyes and it looks like the Disney Dream will have similar paintings, “We have Enchanted Art, and it’s mixed in with the regular art on the ship. It’s clever, and passengers will never know it’s an LED screen. It looks like a painting and you don’t see a difference, but something will happen when you walk by or interact with it,” Wolber said.

AquaDuck Water Coaster
 The Dream will even have a AquaDuck Water Coaster, which will drop you, turn you, take you through rapids and even take you uphill!!!

All of this might be old news to some, but for me, I just cannot wait to take a cruise on the magical Disney Dream!!!

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