Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Travelled on P&O’s Aurora lately?

I have been speaking to a client of mine that has just disembarked off the Aurora ship and she was very disappointed at the service she received. 

She has travelled on the Aurora since it came into service in 2000, but this time, she was beyond disenchanted with her.  In her words, “It seems that P&O is trying to save money by getting rid of hundreds of members of staff and this is unacceptable.”  The lack of service the client received was too much for her to handle; no tea cups in the morning, no tea bags and not even spoons.  It got to the point that my client has had to make a written complaint to P&O about her deep disappointment.  This was hard to believe as P&O are known to have an amazing level of service.

We here at Cruise.co.uk were saddened to hear this, as we are going to be travelling on the Aurora at the end of November.
Have you had a similar experience onboard the Aurora lately?  Please leave your comments regarding your experience.

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  1. we did the america/canada cruise Sept 2012 on Aurora. First and last time with P&O. I am in my eighties & my wife late seventies.Great trip,great food and services. What spoilt it for us were the moaning P&O regulars with their incessent action replays of previous cruises.They want to get rid ot their Black ties,pearls and pawn tickets and get a life.Come back Celebrity,Royal C and Costa all is forgiven.