Monday, 11 October 2010

The Queen Elizabeth has the WOW factor!!!

This past weekend we here at have had the honour of being on board Cunard’s newest luxury cruise line, the Queen Elizabeth. 
What can I say, what a treat it was to be the first people to sleep onboard this magnificent cruise ship.  The onboard facilities are top notch, the food was glorious and the service we received from the “white star” staff was impeccable and flawless.  

Grand Lobby
While taking the grand tour around the Queen Elizabeth, I got to appreciate the Art Deco throughout the ship, which was extraordinary, got a sneak peek into the Spa services, which look exquisite (primarily the hydro pool that looked oh so very enticing) and the Games Deck where one can find an English country garden ambience with croquet, bowls green and a paddle tennis court.

While on board, I overheard one negative comment, which was “Too much plastic!” I might agree with this comment when talking about the greenery onboard, unfortunately all the grass, bushes and trees are artificial, but, the strange thing was that this comment was made while in the Queen’s Grill restaurant!!!  It just shows that you cannot please everyone!!

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