Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Pronouncing ports in Central and South America.

Continuing from my last blog, here are some of the main ports in Central and South America and how to correctly pronounce them:
Arica: ARR-EEK-A
Callao:  KA-JA-O
Cartagena:  CAR-TA-HEN-A (A as in Apple)
Curacao:  KOO-RA-COW
Puerto Limon:  POO-ER-TO  LEE-MON
Puerto Madryn:  POO-ER-TO  MAD-REEN
Puerto Quetzal:  POO-ER-TO   KET-SAL
Punta Arenas:  PUN-TA  ARR-E-NAS  (E is pronounced as in Echo)
Roatan Island:  ROW-AT-ANN   ISLAND
Strait of Magellan:  STRAIT OF MA-GEE-JAN
Valparaiso:  VAL-PA-RA-EES-O
There are many, if not hundreds of more ports in Central and South America, too many to place here. But if you have any that you might wonder how to pronounce them, or at least try to pronounce, please do not hesitate to comment and I will do my best to write the pronunciation for you.

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