Thursday, 2 December 2010

Pronouncing ports in Mexico

Carnival Spirit in Acapulco

Since I started working here at, I have heard hundreds of difference ways on how other members of staff and clients pronounce, or should I say, mispronounce places in Mexico.  So I have decided to make a list on some of the most popular ports in Mexico and how to pronounce them:
Acapulco – A-KA-PULL-CO  (KA is pronounced as in CA taract)
Baja – BA-HA  (HA is pronounced as in Ha rry)
Cabo San Lucas – KA-BO SAN LUK-AS
Chetumal – CHE-TWO-MAL (CHE as in Che rry)
Cozumel – CO-SUE-MEL
HuatulcoWAL-TOOL-CO (WAL has a similar sound to JU AN)
                    In Spanish, the "H" is silent.

Manzanillo – MAN-SA-KNEE-YO  (YO is pronounced as in YO -yo)
Mazatlan – MA-SA-TLAN
Playa Del Carmen – PLA-JA DEL KAR-MEN
Puerto Vallarta – POO-ER-TO  VA-YAR-TA
Zihuatanejo – CEE-UA-TA-NE-HO (HO pronounced as in Ho e)
                     Also know as IXTAPA-ZIHUATANEJO.
Ixtapa – ISH-TA-PA (Some people pronounce it as EECKS-TA-PA, which is also correct)

Coming soon to a blog near you: 
How to correctly pronounce places in Central America, South America and Spain!!!

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