Sunday, 12 December 2010

Top Ten reasons why being British is better than Mexican:

10.   Bank holidays.  Do I need to say more?  I guess I do as in Mexico there are no bank     holidays we just throw a Fiesta for any reason under the sun!!
9.  Once the weather gets a bit warm, EVERYONE goes out; the parks are full, every spot of sun is taken and there are sunbathers everywhere, which is not too bad on the eyes, sometimes....
8.  When you see a police man/woman, you know that they are there to protect you!!!
7.  Bangers and mash, NO need to say more?
6.  Your house does not fall down with daily earthquakes or hurricanes’, just snow and ice for a few months out of the year.
5.  The NHS, even with all of the issues some might have, it is still GREAT, which is impossible to beat as you get to see an actual doctor or a nurse, not a witch-doctor or shaman.
4.  At an intersection, you do not have to push yourself through, people actually let you pass, WOW!!!  Oh so polite!!!
3. Like my colleague Faz said, “You know you are British and NOT anything else!!”
2.  Warm ales, pubs..... some, you just cannot beat.
1.  My wife and son (I had to add this as my wife is British and yes, I love her VERY much!!)
God Bless the Queen!

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